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Today's life is very hectic and this leads us to divide ourselves between multiple commitments and activities that absorb most of our time and energy. Being liked and pleasing ourselves is fundamental to living well with ourselves, however too often we take care of our bodies only when the imperfections are already present. The skin of the face is treated all year round while the body is remembered only before summer.

For this reason DERMO28 wants to offer practical, fast and effective solutions that can be adopted all year round. Thanks to its Study and Research Center, it has created professional treatment protocols and home care to prevent and correct all the most common skin imperfections of the body. It proposes an innovative method that bases its fundament on the epidermal renewal that is essential before any cycle of specific treatments. With the passage of time, sedentariness and incorrect lifestyle the process of cell renewal slows down and for this reason it is essential to bring it back to its physiological duration of 28 days, cycle of a healthy and young skin. Thanks to the synergy of chemical (fruit acids) and mechanical (microspheres of pumice stone) exfoliants, a professional protocol of deep exfoliation is obtained that stimulates the vitality and oxygenation of the tissue. Once the skin is more receptive to the absorption of active ingredients, you can intervene on the treatment of the most common body imperfections such as aging, water retention and cellulite:

Skin aging shows its most visible signs certainly on the face, but also the body is affected by the passage of time that manifests itself with loss of tone and elasticity. Thanks to the best technologies in the dermocosmetic field, DERMO28 offers a professional treatment that makes use of a synergy of firming and stimulating active ingredients, conveyed in depth by alpha and beta hydroxy acids. To maintain the results of the professional treatment, we recommend the use of Firm-Up, a serum that stimulates the production of Collagen and improves skin firmness and elasticity.
If you suffer from blood circulation problems in the lower limbs, your legs tend to swell causing a feeling of heaviness and discomfort.
A specific protocol based on the use of bandages and draining solutions will give lightness and well-being from the first session. For home care we recommend Criogel which, thanks to the extract of Horse Chestnut and Butcher's Broom, performs a vasoprotective action and counteracts water retention in the lower limbs.

Poor diet and slow metabolism are some of the causes that can alter the skin structure causing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is an imperfection and not a disease and, if treated at an early stage and in a specific way, it can be eliminated. DERMO28 offers a hyperemizing treatment that stimulates the elimination of adiposity and toxins giving an extremely compact tissue. For skin with capillary fragility, on the other hand, a treatment based on the use of a cold mud is proposed, in place of the hyperemizing mask, which does not stimulate vasodilation. For the home care, the extract of Cola Nut contained in the serum Extrema, based on Carnitine and Coenzyme A, carries out a lipolytic action, firming and shaping the tissues.
To maintain the results obtained with the professional treatments, it is necessary to use the Perfecta Home Therapy body scrub weekly, which, through salt microspheres and pure Vitamin C, stimulates the correct cell turnover, making the skin bright and healthy.
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