Regain light and toned legs

Ritrova gambe leggere e toniche
The passage of time, large variations in body weight, pregnancies, smoking
and stress are among the main causes of the loss of skin tone that manifests itself mainly on the legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.
The skin, around the age of thirty, begins to modificate becoming thinner and more fragile. The cellular regeneration of fibroblasts (cells that produce Collagen and Elastin) slows down more and more, decreasing the ability of the skin structure to sustain itself.
So what are the most efficacious remedies to counteract the loss of tone? To firm the skin it is possible to intervene indirectly, by toning the muscles, or directly, thanks to the use of cosmetics and natural remedies.
The DERMO28 Study & Research Center has created PERFECTA, an entire range of products for skin imperfections of the body. To treat effectively loss of tone and skin laxity it is necessary that the cosmetic formulation acts in a targeted manner on the production and maintenance of the fibers of Collagen and Elastin. In this way, a correct microcirculation is promoted, avoiding edema and fluid stagnation that could otherwise cause an inflammation that would slow down the metabolic processes of the skin.
The two specific DERMO28 products to treat the loss of tone are
Firm-Up and Criogel.

Toning action

Firm-Up is a shaping and tonificating serum that, thanks to its easily absorbed texture, is indicated for daily use, morning and evening, localized on the affected areas.
It stimulates fibroblasts to produce new fibre of Collagen and improves microcirculation thanks to its active ingredients:
- Saccharide Isomerate: substance naturally present in the stratum corneum that binds keratin and creates a water reserve. For this reason it is considered a true regulator of hydration.
- Beech Extract: buds contain unique regenerating and antioxidant substances that play a powerful draining effect.
- Lily Extract: rich in amino acids, flavonoids, organic acids and mineral salts specific to improve skin tone and perform a soothing and moisturizing action.

It is always recommended, after using the body serum, to moisturize the skin with a super nourishing and elasticizing cream such as Unica Body.

Draining action

In addition to tonification, to maintain skin tone it is necessary to perform a draining action, especially for those who suffer from water retention. Criogel, a cold effect draining formulation, has been designed precisely for this purpose. Applied to the legs 2 or 3 times a week, it improves tone and microcirculation thanks to its composition:
- Menthol: has refreshing, decongestant, antiseptic and disinfectant properties.
- Horse chestnut: rich in flavonoids and escin, it has a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vaso-protective action.
- Butcher's Broom: contains ruscogenins that increase venous tone and make the capillary walls more elastic.
- Bupleurum Falcatum: herbaceous medicinal plant that firms tissues, activating lipolysis and stimulating fat metabolization. It is rich in saponins that carry the other active ingredients in depth.
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