Philosophy and R&D

Filosofia Dermo28

Our promise

To give to people clinically tested skin care systems that provide lasting, tangible results and restore skin to its optimal health.

Rinnovamento cellulare

Our story

DERMO28 was founded in 1995 by a group of highly quali ed skin care professionals. Our team of cosmetologists, dermatologists, chemical formulators, cosmetic doctors, psychologists, professional beauticians and marketing professionals are united by the same curiosity and desire: to explore and innovate skin care solutions.

The story behind our unique formulations and their efficacy, is one of research, passion, attention to detail, and Italian excellence. We believe in giving women consciously made products that are customisable – addressing individual concerns – and deliver tangible results.

DERMO28’s philosophy is based on cell renewal. Our skin (derma) is a biological system with extraordinary vitality: every 28 days the epidermis is completely renewed through cellular regeneration. This natural process is synonymous with life and energy.

Made in Italy

DERMO28’s objective is to fight specific skin concerns, but we go deeper than that. Our soothing textures, pleasing yet subtle fragrances, and effective formulations stimulate the senses and offer a lasting source of well-being.

Why should you put your skin in our hands?

– Because products “Made in Italy” have always been recognised as a symbol of excellence, elegance, quality and beauty. All DERMO28 formulations are invented, tested and produced in Italy, relying on some of the most innovative and high-performing technology in the world.

– Because our strength is in the details – we search for beauty in all its forms, and never compromise on quality and elegance.

– Because like the nest fabrics, our products complement and soothe skin, creating an inimitable experience with every application.

R&D Laboratories
Formulazione Dermo 28

DERMO28 is not only a brand of high-tech cosmetics. We are continuously evolving and improving, relying on the power of scienti c research and experimentation in the dermatological eld to create inimitable skin care solutions. All our formulations are studied and implemented by professionals of the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories (Centro Studi & Ricerche DERMO28).

The Laboratories are composed of two separate groups that manage different aspects of our products. The research laboratories are always looking for exclusive and innovative active ingredients for the creation of new formulations; while our team of dermatologists of the University of L’Aquila, led by Prof. Giampiero Mazzocchetti, is responsible for testing and scientifically validating the effectiveness of each product.

DERMO28 R&D Laboratories develop cosmetics with potent concentrations of active ingredients. They are safe for all skin types, and each system comes with their own specified application methods. Additionally, all products are scientifically tested only on people and not on animals (in accordance with European legislation) because we believe in ethical, safe and proven methodologies.