Even the skin needs a vacation

Anche la pelle ha bisogno di una vacanza

Summer is finally here and it's time to treat yourself to a nice vacation!

It is inevitable that we need to unplug and treat ourselves to some relaxation.

Our mind is always under stress because of the many thoughts and daily problems and we often find ourselves never stopping, thus accumulating a lot of stress. But not only the mind and the body are affected. Do you ever think about the stress your skin is subjected to every day?

In addition to being exposed to external agents, the skin is also affected by all the psycho-physical stress to which it is continuously subjected. The skin, in fact, is born from the same membrane as the nervous system and, for this reason, if we are stressed, agitated or anxious, the skin is the first to be affected.

Due to stress, for example, increases in the body the production of Cortisol, a specific hormone that regulates the production of sebum and that leads to skin reactions characterized by an excess of sebaceous secretion. This type of reaction, where the skin is already prone to impurity, can also cause the worsening or the appearance of acne symptoms. In addition, stress also causes the release of several other hormones to which the skin responds in various ways. Vasoconstriction, for example, causes loss of nourishment and skin dryness.

You will find, however, that just the thought of getting away from the hectic daily routine will immediately improve the condition of your skin. When you go on vacation, your skin is immediately transformed, becoming less dry and more radiant. The beauty routine you use is always the same, but treating yourself to a little relaxation, causes your skin to get more nourishment and hydration, making it visibly softer, toned and firmer.

The skin is also positively influenced by the emotional states of serenity and joy, which release hormones useful for the improvement of skin processes. The first that is usually noticed concerns the brightness of the face, given by a greater oxygenation of tissues that makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Yes, even the skin needs a vacation! It is not so important the destination of the vacation, as being able to relax away from the daily stress. However, in order to heal the skin from all points of view, it would be good to get away from city smog, pollution, blue lights of devices and all those environmental agents that can damage it, accelerating the processes of skin aging.

For a perfect and impeccable beauty take care, therefore, of skin, mind and body, devoting some of your time to relax in order to enjoy all its benefits.

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