Super hydrated skin is the key to a healthy, long-lasting tan!

Una pelle super idratata è la chiave per un’abbronzatura sana e duratura!
We all know how important hydration is for the skin, but we often forget about it especially during the summer time.

For several reasons, both physiological and environmental, the water retained by skin cells tends to be insufficient especially in summer, when the skin is more exposed to the sun.

The sun, in fact, although pleasant, can create irreversible damage. Unprotected exposure or a choice of sunscreen products unsuitable for one's phototype, can compromise the skin structure, causing imperfections such as dehydration, erythema, inflammation, spots and premature aging.

Tanned and moisturised skin: here's how

To avoid these damages and to promote a flawless and long-lasting tan without redness and sunburn, it is necessary to choose a sunscreen suitable for your phototype that also has a very high moisturizing component.

Moreover, after sun exposure, a super moisturizing after-sun will help to restore proper hydration and keep the skin supple and radiant.
It is therefore essential to be able to recognize the needs of our skin and meet them, not forgetting that they may vary depending on the season: let's quench its thirst in summer and nourish it in winter!
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