A mask is not enough, your skin needs more protection!

Una mascherina non basta, la tua pelle ha bisogno di più protezione!
Masks, a word that until a few years ago reminded us only of Carnival, at most hospitals and, to the most cosmopolitan, Asian populations, much more accustomed to the use of protective devices in everyday life.
Unfortunately, nowadays it has become an indispensable object even in our countries. It helps us and protects us from the aggression of a terrible virus but, at the same time, it causes symptoms and reactions to our skin that we would have gladly done without.
The occlusion caused by masks, and PPE in general, can cause a greater proliferation of bacteria resulting in inflammation, dermatitis and, for those who are subject, acne and so on.
If we add to this the arrival of high temperatures, it is clear that our beauty routine needs some correction, without forgetting the essential watchword: MOISTURIZATION.
The AQUA Collection, developed by the DERMO28 Study & Research Center, offers everything you need to take care of your skin even in these adverse circumstances.

The first important step is, as always, cleansing, especially after the use of PPE. The ideal cleanser should have moisturizing and nourishing components to reinforce the hydrolipidic film, which is the protective barrier of the skin.
HYDROLATTE, removes all impurities and regenerates the skin, restoring its optimal values.

For those not used to toning the skin after cleansing, this is the right time to start. 
HYDROTONIC is an alcohol-free spray formulation that you can carry with you at all times. Sprayed on your face throughout the day, it restores hydration and lipids that are essential for fighting inflammation and bacteria.

We then continue with the application of a serum, a product that acts in depth thanks to its low molecular weight, REJUVENATING COMPLEX. Besides boasting moisturizing, antioxidant and smoothing active ingredients, it contains Salicylic Acid, known for its dermopurifying properties.

Finally we apply a cream that maintains surface hydration and prolongs the action of the serum, acting as a barrier against external aggressions, CREMA SOFFICE. Perfect for all skin types, it deeply moisturizes and leaves no residue.

In case you didn't follow these directions and pimples and inflammation were already present, there is still a solution.
In addition to following the specific beauty routine, it becomes essential to add a weekly balancing mask.
To counteract these inflammations, it is necessary to restore the skin's pH to its physiological acidity. If the pH is between 4,5 and 5,5, it is able to contrast the bacterial proliferation and at the same time the loss of skin water.
DERMO28 considers this step fundamental, so to have always in its range a fundamental product, CREMA ACIDA.
Created as a pH reacidification treatment, it acts on the restoration of the balance between sebum and water. Very fresh and suitable for all skin types, the mask must be left on for at least 10 minutes and removed with the specific REGOLATORE pH toner. The latter removes product residues and keeps the pH stable for 24/36 hours. 
This treatment is also perfect after the first sun exposure, which could be aggressive for the skin. In this case, the combined use of CREMA ACIDA and REGULATORE pH counteracts inflammation and erythema caused by the sun.
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