Purity is Beauty

Purezza è Bellezza
Our skin is protected by the cutaneous barrier composed by an aqueous part and an oily part that in optimal conditions are in balance. This barrier has the task of protecting us from environmental damages such as pollution, atmospheric agents and radiations.

However, genetic factors, hormonal factors, diet and the use of aggressive cosmetics lead to an imbalance between water and sebum, causing an excessive production of the latter. Although there are many factors, we identify hormones as the main cause of this imbalance, in fact, due to the greater presence of testosterone, men's skin is oilier than women's. The excess sebum is responsible for the production of water and sebum. 

The excess sebum is responsible for the formation of blackheads, pimples and inflammation that are not only imperfections of acne skin but can also occur in other skin types in a more or less occasional manner.

PURA: the DERMO28 solution

To combat these skin problems and the discomforts they involve, DERMO28 in collaboration with the prestigious Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the University of L'Aquila has created PURA

The balanced mix of soothing and purifying active ingredients that make up the PURA-System® controls the production of sebum while maintaining the optimal level of hydration. As a result, the products in the PURA Collection are gentle and suitable for even the most inflamed acne-prone skin. 
In fact, to best treat impure skin, sebum should not be removed aggressively because this would deprive the skin of its protective barrier and increase its production. 

How do PURA products work?

Cleansing is undoubtedly the first step towards beauty in any skincare routine, but for impure skin it represents a fundamental step. Purifying Active Cleanser, thanks to the presence of Sage and Green Tea, combats impurities and enlarged pores, while Panthenol maintains the correct level of hydration. Its rinse-off gel formulation is very fresh and pleasant for this type of skin that needs deep cleansing. 

In fact, to treat the problem at its root, it is necessary to use a serum that, thanks to its particularly small molecular structure, is able to penetrate deeply reaching the sebaceous glands. Exfoliating Active Complex, thanks to the high concentration of Glycolic Acid gently exfoliates by unclogging pores, while Glycyrrhetinic Acid soothes and fights inflammation. 

The shine effect is certainly a frequent and very felt problem. During the day, use Mattifier Active Cream SPF15, a sunscreen cream that moisturizes and protects with a long-lasting matte finish, to mattify your skin. 

For an even more complete beauty routine, apply Purifying Active Mask once or twice a week. This purifying mask contains Salicylic Acid and Sweet Almond Oil to regulate sebaceous secretion and minimize inflammation. 

Regardless of the type of skin and the extent of the blemish, PURA is the ideal solution to prevent and eliminate impurities and imperfections, because purity is synonymous with beauty!
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