Stay fresh!

Stay fresh!
When the heat is on its way, the skin tends to physiologically increase sweating.
Have you ever wondered how this change affects your skin?
Sweat is a saline solution, mainly composed of Sodium Chloride and sweating is essential to control and regulate body temperature.
However, excessive perspiration followed by immediate evaporation, caused by heat, results in salt deposits on the skin that can cause irritation. The most common symptoms are redness, itching and sometimes small watery blisters.

To combat itching and discomfort, it is advisable to apply cold compresses and use specific creams that are highly moisturizing, containing lipids similar to natural ones and humectants and emollients such as panthenol. In this way, the skin is guaranteed optimal hydration and strengthening of the hydrolipidic film, preventing future loss of water and minerals.
In addition to irritation, sweat can also cause the appearance of small rashes, since excessive sweating decreases the skin's defenses, increasing bacterial proliferation. To eliminate these blemishes, you can use specific products for impure skin on any skin type.

Here are some simple but effective habits recommended by our Beauty Specialist to alleviate and prevent the consequences of excessive sweating:

- Use comfortable, non-synthetic clothing
- Wash with fresh water several times a day
- Dab the skin dry with a towel without rubbing it
- Use sunscreen during exposure to prevent further redness
- Avoid products containing excessive fragrances, preferring more delicate cosmetics
- Avoid talcum powders that can clog pores and increase bacterial proliferation
- Drink plenty of mineral water, at least a liter and a half, preferably at room temperature
- Prefer dry and cool environments
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