Youth Collection: the Elixir of Youth

Collezione Youth: l'Elisir di Giovinezza
The skin is a wonderful organ that acts as a mediator between the body and the outside world, and thanks to its natural protective barrier, it is preserved over time. However, daily stress, atmospheric changes, excessive or incorrect cleansing are factors that can compromise the health of the skin.

During the summer, in particular, high temperatures cause a loss of water, sweat, that we cannot control. Precisely for this reason, we often allow ourselves more than one shower a day and, if we are at the beach, the showers grow exponentially.

But is all this good for the skin? Of course not. Water loss is one of the main reasons why the skin gets marked and ages prematurely. It is very important to respect the balance of our body and keep the skin organ intact, through proper hydration, so that it can perform all its functions properly.


It means restructuring the skin so that it retains enough water for its health. However, it's not enough just to give an extra supply of water.The first key step in maintaining hydration is choosing the right cleanser.

Foaming cleansers are best for normal, combination or oily skin as they perform better at removing the sebaceous part. Oil, cream or milk cleansers, on the other hand, are ideal for more delicate and dehydrated skin as they remove impurities while maintaining the skin's natural moisture.

Let's pretend that the skin is a balloon that we want to fill with water but we realize that the balloon is punctured. The first thing we need to do is repair the balloon, otherwise we will never be able to fill it. The skin works the same way: we have to repair it on the surface level, restructure it and make it perfectly cohesive so as to minimize water loss, and then we can work on the deeper layers.

The YOUTH Collection

Studied and created by the DERMO28 Study & Research Center in collaboration with the prestigious Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the University of L'Aquila, contains noble active ingredients that reconstruct the tissues on the surface and ensure an important contribution of water in the deeper layers, making the skin elastic, soft and luminous.

The main functional ingredient of the YOUTH Collection is Biosaccharide Gum, a naturally extracted sugar able to bind high quantities of water, guaranteeing long lasting hydration to the skin. The active ingredient penetrates deeply into the epidermis creating a protective film on the surface that counteracts the transepidermal water loss. It is therefore a natural biotechnological ingredient that guarantees prolonged hydration. In addition, it boasts soothing, anti-aging and protective properties for the skin surface. This natural moisturizing agent gives the skin an immediate well-being and a soft and firm appearance.

The synergy with Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Hip emphasizes its deep moisturizing properties, ensuring an effective antioxidant and protective action against free radicals.

YOUTH Home Products

The first step to a healthy skin is cleansing. HYDRA SOURCE is the perfect 2in1 cleanser and toner to hydrate and rebalance the skin. The product with the highest concentration of moisturizing active ingredients in the Collection is YOUTH COMPLEX, a fresh and light serum to be applied morning and evening before the cream.
As a daytime treatment DERMO28 recommends YOUTH DAY SPF15, a moisturizing day cream with a city protection factor, ideal to protect the skin from daily aggressions. For the night, the ideal is the YOUTH NIGHT cream, rich in butters and vitamins, which regenerates the skin and repairs it from the damage suffered during the day. Finally, the latest addition to the Collection is YOUTH PEEL, a gentle but effective exfoliant that brightens the skin and deeply regenerates it.
Having a good beauty routine is important, but so is giving your skin an intensive pampering. In addition to products for home use, in fact, it is necessary to treat the skin in depth with a treatment designed precisely to restore elasticity and freshness.

The professional treatment

DERMO28 bases its philosophy on the correct cell renewal cycle, which in healthy skin is 28 days. That's why we've created a specific treatment that helps skin regenerate, repair itself and stay hydrated.

The treatment is composed of two parts: the first contains Fruit Acids such as Glycolic Acid and Mandelic Acid, the second contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, the best known and most effective moisturizer in aesthetics. Thanks to the synergy of the exfoliating and moisturizing active ingredients, we offer a unique treatment that treats the needs of the skin at 360º and that aims above all at the correct superficial and deep hydration.

Exfoliants eliminate dead cells and reawaken a turnover mechanism that is inevitably slowed down with the years. In fact, by eliminating the superficial skin layer, the deep layers are stimulated to produce new cells faster, counteracting skin aging. The skin will enjoy a new luminosity and the microcirculation will also benefit. The superficial layer not properly exfoliated, in fact, not only makes the skin look gray and not very bright but also prevents oxygenation. At the same time the Glycolic Acid is able to transport the Hyaluronic Acid in the deeper layers.

A single treatment will therefore be able to improve the hydration of the skin both on the surface and in depth. Thanks to the synergy of this treatment and home self-care with the YOUTH Collection, DERMO28 has found the elixir of youth: the ultimate solution to keep healthy all layers of the skin, ensuring optimal hydration for a skin always young and healthy. 
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